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Arizona Cardinals/Dallas Cowboys Top Five Defensive Plays: A Whole Lot Of Sacks!

MOMMY! (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
MOMMY! (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The final outcome was decided in overtime on a fifty-two yard catch and run from Kevin Kolb to LaRod Stevens-Howling, ending in a 19 - 13 score. But this does not reflect the night had by the defense. Tony Romo was sacked five seperate times. The Arizona Cardinals gave up one touchdown. The defense held RB DeMarco Murray to thirty-eight yards rushing. And most importantly, they appeared to be clicking.

Hit the jump to see the top five defensive plays the Cardinals made against the Dallas Cowboys.

Did I mention the defense managed to sack QB Tony Romo five times in the game Sunday? Five sacks from five different players. That in and of itself speaks volumes as to where the Cards defense is after thirteen weeks. It might have been slow in turning the corner, but finally the defense that Coach Ray Horton installed is starting to shine.

Let's take a look at the top five plays Ray Horton's defense turned in against the Cowboys.

  • The Cowboys were driving, at the Card's thirty-five yard line. First down and Paris Lenon comes up with a huge sack pushing the Cowboys back seven yards. This drops the Cowboys out of FG range, and forces a three and out punt.
  • Once again the Cowboys are driving, near the fifty yard line. Third down finds Darnell Dockett motoring past the offensive line to sack Tony Romo for an eleven yard loss, setting up a punt.
  • Dallas once again had the football just before the half ended, and an excellent play by Calais Campbell to sack Tony Tomo for a seven yard loss led to the half ending.
  • Patrick Peterson defensed a pass thrown to Dez Bryant. The route Dez ran was perfect. The coverage Peterson applied was even better, running side by side with Bryant and pushing the ball to the ground at the last moment. (The reason this was here is that is shows the strides Peterson has made in coverage. And note how many penalties Peterson was called for Sunday.)
  • Lastly comes another sack, this time by savvy vet Clark Haggans. The Cowboys were at midfield again, when Haggans came off the left side and dropped Tony Romo for a loss of six yards. Combine that with a false start penalty during the next play, and this Cowboy possession led to a punt
  • Honorable mention goes to O'Brien Schofield who posted another sack on Tony Romo for a seven yard loss at the Cardinals twenty-four yard line. This led the Cowboys to kick a FG.
Those are my top five defensive plays, how about it, do you agree? Let me know in the poll below. And until next Sunday when the Cardinals host the San Francisco 49ers, live Cardinals large.