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NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals Make Big Jump After Win Over Dallas Cowboys

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It is the time of the week for everybody'd power rankings to see what teams are hot and which teams are not. For most of the season, the Arizona Cardinals have been near the bottom. Now, thanks to four wins in five games, and a recent Week 13 win over the Dallas Cowboys, they are moving up the list. Check out where the local and national media put the Cardinals this week.

To start, our very own ROTB rankings have the Cardinals moving up three spots to number 16, "riding a wave of greatness."

In azcentral's most recent list, the Cards are at number 18, but did not move. We like this list because here they predicted a Cardinals win over Dallas. This article believes that a win against he 49ers is not too crazy a thought.

Now on to the nationals...

SB Nation gave them an eight-spot jump from 28 to 20. "Look out but the Cardinals have won four of their last five. Too bad they had that six game skid early in the year."

ESPN gave the Cardinals the biggest jump in ranking on their list. They moved up seven spots to number 18, citing the defense with this awesome stat. In the first seven games, they gave up 20 TDs. In the last five, they have allowed only five.

CBS Sports still is reluctant to move Arizona up. They moved them up four spots, but it only lands then number 24. They mention that their playoff hopes not dead. (So you're saying there's a chance....)

Of the rankings, which do you think is the most accurate?