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Darnell Dockett Talks Gators, Crying At Movies, Mother On Dan LeBatard's ESPN Show

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Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is an interesting fellow. If you have followed the team at all, you know that. In fact, you likely have heard of how he lost both of his parents as a teenager. It has formed and shaped him as a man. Even at age 30 he still is affected by that loss. You never really overcome it.

Dockett was a guest on the fairly new ESPN show "Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable" on Tuesday and shared some about his mom, but also some other funny stuff.

LeBatard started by asking the most important question -- what he feeds NINO, his pet gator. It turns out he likes to watch the gator eat and kill anything that can't get away from him "in like four seconds." And he isn't afraid of NINO. As he said, "I've never been afraid of a gator, not even when I played them in college" (recall that he played for Florida State)."There's nothing like 'owning a gator,' if you know what I mean."

Did you know that Dockett gets emotional in movies? He even has been known to tear up and cry. What movies? He got emotional when Scarface was killed and in the movie "Blow" when the mom turns on her son.

He went on to talk about his mother and her murder, but he also talked about his five-year old son, Dillon. Dillon hates the 49ers and even more or less told Darnell that he couldn't call because the Cardinals lost to San Fran.

Want the whole interview? Go ahead and watch it.