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Is Kevin Kolb A Leader For The Arizona Cardinals?

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So I thought I would do a post that differs a bit from what I normally do. Instead of analyzing a player for his performance and throwing some numbers out there to give you insight, let's talk about some of the intangibles. When Kevin Kolb was traded to the Arizona Cardinals, fans were told that Kolb had plenty of these so called 'intangibles'.

This led me to ask a question of my Twitter followers the other day. What do you think of Kevin Kolb as a leader? Let's take note of a few things after the jump.

There has always been this notion around the league that the quarterback of any given football team needs to be the leader. He needs to have a fire and passion for the game of football that inspires his teammates to victories. Obviously, one of the first hot names that a person thinks of when discussing this is Tim Tebow.

Tebow certainly doesn't have all of the mechanics of football down to the tee. His accuracy is mediocre at best, his decision making on the field is questionable at times, but Tebow finds a way to win games and inspire his peers. When you get down to it, the NFL is about winning and having people make big plays in big moments to help your team do just that. That is what Tebow is all about.

Does Kevin Kolb carry those same qualities? Some will argue that he does, but that his leadership skills will show once the team begins to win games. Once wins start piling up more frequently with Kolb under center, his leadership skills will take root as well.

Becoming the face of a football team isn't something that happens overnight. Kevin Kolb was just traded to the Cardinals a few months back. Some argue that it takes time before a person can become a leader.

We also hear good things said about Kolb all the time. His teammates praise him consistently and his head coach compliments his performance. Is that a sign that he is seen as a leader by his teammates?

Others may say that due to the people already in the organization, Kolb isn't a leader and he will never get the chance to be one. Players like Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett are known leaders of the team. Their tenure along with their attitudes and demeanor make them obvious captains. Is there room for Kolb's voice to be heard among those Cardinals giants?

How about what Kolb has done on the field. Has his play been good enough to justify his position as a leader of this football team?

Does Kolb, from all indications, appear to be more of a laid back character that would prefer to let the others do the talking?

Based on what you have seen from him on the field and heard from him in interviews and reports, would you consider Kevin Kolb to be a leader? If not, will he ever step into that role? What do you think?