Cards vs. 49ers: Turnovers will be key

The 49ers lead the league in turnover differentials at +18. The Cardinals are 28th at -8.

The 49ers have benefitted from a positive turnover differential in 9 out their 10 wins.

If the Cardinals hope to pull off a win against the 2011 NFC West champs, it will be essential to hold onto the ball.

Kolb was awful at this early in the year, throwing 8 interceptions and fumbling 7 times (losing 3 of them). But he played a great, turnover free game against Dallas last week in his first game back from injury. Beanie Wells has had ball security issues in the past, but he is improving and has done okay so far this season with only 4 fumbles, 2 lost. Kolb's performance against the Cowboys could have been a turning point for him, or just a lucky game. I'm hoping for the former.

It is no secret that the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the league this season. They rank 1st in points allowed, which is really the only stat that truly matters on defense. That being said a +18 turnover ratio is really high. That has to be the result of a combination of good defensive play, stingy turnover free play on offense, and a fair amount of luck.

I think that if we can keep the turnover ratio at least even, we have a pretty good shot at taking home the W. What does everyone else think?

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