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2-18-11: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Staff Finally Settled
Coaches in place after Miller promotion as combine nears

Five points on Cardinals' coaching move - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Five notes regarding the Arizona Cardinals' offense after coach Ken Whisenhunt met with reporters to discuss Mike Miller's promotion to coordinator:

Rhodes becomes a Hall of Famer
There’s been so much talk lately about the Hall of Fame. This post isn’t about that. It’s about safety Kerry Rhodes getting his own ticket into the Hall of Fame. One for pro football too, although it’s not like he’ll have a bust next to Russ Grimm. That’s impossible, since Rhodes is still playing. No, this is for the pro football Hall of Fame in Kentucky (which is, notes the press release, the only state to have its own pro football Hall). Rhodes, who played in college at Louisville, will be inducted in a ceremony June 24. Also in the class is former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Phil Simms, who played collegiately at Morehead State.

Seventh pick too much for Kevin Kolb? - NFC West Blog - ESPN

As promised, Kevin Kolb's potential trade value has provided a starting point for additional discussion. "Shades" from Chico, Calif., used the recently concluded NFC West chat to question why NFL teams seem to over-value draft choices, and specifically whether the San Francisco 49ers would be foolish to consider trading the seventh overall choice for Kolb:

(The same can also apply with the 5th pick for us.)

Kevin Kolb's potential gives Cardinals best chance to win -
The hottest name out there on the QB market right now is Kevin Kolb. There is no doubt in my mind he can be had for the right price.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock analyzes Cardinals draft prospects
The Cardinals have multiple needs they'd love to shore up in next month's NFL draft, including three particular positions. They could use a shut-down cornerback to not only limit opposing teams' passing attacks, but to help improve a pass rush by providing time and opportunity for disruption. They could use a playmaking outside linebacker who is capable of applying pressure, containing tight ends, and basically, being a dominating presence. And, of course, they really could use a quarterback.

Getting "antsy"
Coach Ken Whisenhunt was right when he noted that we are creeping into the time of the offseason where players — a few weeks removed from the season — begin to "get antsy" and begin to start coming back to the facility here and there. Now, obviously the labor issues put a crimp in that a little bit, but there have been a couple of guys making appearances, lifting weights, being around.

NFC West draft primer, Take One - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Thanks to labor unrest, NFL teams cannot bank on free agency, offseason programs, training camp or even the 2011 regular season. The draft is one of the few certainties, with the first round set for April 28 -- whether or not the NFL and its players have a new collective bargaining agreement in place. The NFC West is, once again, figuring prominently in the draft conversation.

Madden 11 Final Roster Update Details |
With the upcoming NFL season in question the 20th and final roster update for Madden 11 potentially holds more importance than the typical end-of-year update. The player ratings will not only be the primary baseline for Madden 12 but if no collective bargaining agreement is reached the rosters would remain largely the same minus free agents.

Injuries don't stop Phoenix Coyotes from winning sixth consecutive game
Just how wacky is this Pacific Division? Don't answer. Just take it all in because it seems like the roller-coaster ride could go down to the last day of the season.

Phoenix Suns enter All-Star break at .500 with 112-106 loss vs. Dallas Mavericks
The Dallas Mavericks have been an elite team all season, going 38-9 as long as Dirk Nowitzki suits up. The Suns just recently figured out how to win with consistency.

Audio: Mike Miller on being named OC
Mike Miller talks about being named the Cardinals offensive coordinator.

Video Gallery
Whisenhunt on Restructuring of Coaching Staff blogs - Kent Somers - Thoughts on new/old OC
Coach Ken Whisenhunt is due to give us his thoughts on his renovated coaching staff later this afternoon. In the meantime, here are some thoughts that don't count as much, or at all.

Cardinals promote Mike Miller to offensive coordinator -
The Arizona Cardinals promoted Mike Miller to the role of offensive coordinator Wednesday, completing the restructuring of the team's coaching staff.

Arizona Cardinals promote Mike Miller to offensive coordinator - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has completed the restructuring of his staff by promoting Mike Miller to offensive coordinator.

NFC West woes helping other divisions soar - ESPN
Those who don't believe the schedule is everything haven't been following the NFC West the past several years. Even though the NFC West has produced two Super Bowl teams in the past six years, the division has done more to pump up other divisions than itself. And with quarterback questions in Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona, it's hard to believe the NFC West drought will end anytime soon.

The NFC West effect: Opponents to gain? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs each padded their records by going 4-0 against NFC West teams last season. ESPN's John Clayton expects NFC East and AFC North teams to reap similar benefits when the NFL's scheduling formula pits teams from those divisions against the NFC West in 2011. Using past results to predict future performance can be tricky, but Clayton's logic is sound.

Chat wrap: Alex Smith vs. Hyundai Elantra - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Nick James (Phoenix): How do you expect to see Horton use Pro-Bowl Adrian Wilson now in this new system? People compare him to Troy Polamalu talent-wise. Do you see Wilson's production going up and him being used more as a blitzer like Troy in Pitt? I foresee a big season for him.

Former St. Louis Rams lineman Claude Terrell charged with kidnapping, rape - ESPN
Former St. Louis Rams guard Claude Terrell has been charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and burglary charges in connection with an alleged Valentine's Day attack in Texas.

Ex-Chicago Bears, Notre Dame DB Dave Duerson dead at 50 - ESPN Chicago
Dave Duerson, a starting safety on the 1985 Chicago Bears team that won the Super Bowl, was found dead in his Miami home, the team said on Friday. He was 50. The cause of death was not released. news: Expect a lot of QB movement given number of teams with need
Ten teams, or nearly a third of the NFL, have quarterback situations they need to address -- or at least should address -- during the offseason. Here's a closer look at them, in alphabetical order:

NFL, NFLPA agree to mediation for labor dispute - ESPN
The NFL and players union have agreed to mediation in their labor negotiations.