A Case For Marc Bulger As Quarterback For The Arizona Cardinals

As we all know, and particated in many discussion about, We need a QB REALLY BAD. I've stated here before that I'm not in favor of trading for Kevin Kolb. I think he skilled, but the price is too high and I think he still has kinks to his game that need to be worked out (aka Leinart-esque). But I wanted to make a case for the other guy on Larry's wish list: Marc Bulger.

Bulger is Kurt Warner approved and has been tested vigorously by the many defenses of the NFL, and he's passed with flying colors. He plays the same game as Warner (reads the defense well, accurate, quick release, and spreads the ball around), he just doesn't play at as high a level as Warner did.

So would you be for or against signing him?

I think he would be a good stop gap to develop John Skelton, and he would give this team the best chance to win over the other available QB options, and I think that's paramount on a team where the core players are either in their primes or are getting close to retiring. I think the only real downside is that he is injury prone. This team has too many big needs (i.e. OLB, OL, ILB) to give up high, early round draft picks for a player like Kolb. So let me know what you guys think, for or against?

These are highlights from 2009, so don't think I'm just putting up video from Bulger's Pro Bowl days. lol I think you all should recognize a lot of these passes and see the the similarities between Marc Bulger and Kurt Warner. Remember, he's the only other QB to really have success in Mike Martz's offense.

Here's the link if the video isn't there. I'm still kind of figuring this out.

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