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The Academy Awards: The Winners Of the Arizona Cardinals Season Oscars

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I'll be perfectly honest. I didn't watch the Academy Awards. I got enough on Twitter to know that with James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting, the ceremony wasn't as good as in other years. However, in honor of the Oscars presented to Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and Melissa Leo and also in honor of the movies that won awards like Inception and The Social Network, I though it fitting to present our own Arizona Cardinals Oscars.

So without further ado, let us present the winners of the 2011 Academy Awards for the Arizona Cardinals season:

Winner of Best Actor in a Leading Role

Kicker Jay Feely, for his performance in a win against the Denver Broncos. His touchdown, five field goals and three PATs was a once in a lifetime performance. It was an historic evening for the kicker in one of the few winning presentations by the Cardinals.

Runner-up was safety Adrian Wilson for his performance in the season-opening victory over the St. Louis Rams with a blocked field goal, sack and two interceptions.

Winner of Best Actor in a Supporting Role

John Skelton for his role in the Christmas Day victory over the Dallas Cowboys. His fourth down pass to Larry Fitzgerald deep in Cardinals territory during the final drive that led to Feely's game-winning kick was timely and necessary. He was not memorable for most of the game, but he came up big in the final drive when the team most needed him.

Runner-up in this award was Sebastian Janikowski, kicker for the Oakland Raiders, whose blundered field goal attempt as time expired gave Arizona one of its few moments of happiness.

Winner of Best Costume Design

There was no competition here. The Arizona/Tampa Bay wins this for the black uniforms the Cardinals wore in a 38-35 loss. The Cardinals choked away a winnable game against a quality team, but they did it while looking sharp.

Winner of Best Writing (Original Screenplay)

The winner of this award goes to the Cardinals 30-20 victory over the then Super Bowl champ Saints. In a story that could only have been made for Hollywood, the undersized, undrafted, Arizona-raised quarterback Max Hall got the start and inspires the team to an unlikely victory with his moxie (because his play was less than even mediocre).

Winner of Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

The loss the Cardinals had to Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings was a sad, but well done adaptation of the Brett Favre story mixed with the historically bad Arizona Cardinals of the past. The Redbirds get out to a big lead, only to see the aged superstar lead his team from defeat to victory.

Winner of Best Picture

In a close race with the victory over New Orleans, the 27-26 Christmas Day victory over the Dallas Cowboys wins this Oscar. The season was meaningless, but the players for Arizona showed up on national television to play one of their best games of the year. The defense made big plays, the Cowboys were led back into the game by a third-string quarterback, only to have the Cardinals rookie quarterback lead the team to a game-winning drive in the final minutes.

What do you all think? Did the Academy (me) get it right or wrong? It's your turn to debate and share who you would have given these awards to.