2011 NFL Draft Profile: Von Miller

I do not watch college football regularly, I am a lover of Pro ball. So not knowing much about the potential athletes available at five (Von Miller, Robert Quinn, Patrick Peterson or one of the QB's) I started to do some research. I started with Von Miller because of need and because at the beginning of the draft talks he was listed as a mid rounder but now is considered a top 5 pick.

I went to the tape and watched everything I could get my hands on, including a friends old DVR recording (Texas and Texas A&M - great game!).

The first thing you notice about Miller is his explosiveness. At 6'3, 248 lbs he attacks the ball and tackles well. He generally doesn't over pursue and holds the edge well enough on outside run plays, but struggles to overpower tackles and powerful TE's. 

Rushing the passer is an obvious strength. His speed is incredible off the edge and if a tackle steps to late he can get around them easily, but he isn't very physical when he rushes. He rarely ever bull rushes and when he does he was consistently smothered. He lacks the physicality of the elite pass rushers in the NFL. He does have a great second move that he uses on tackles that cheat to the outside, something that could grow into his own "Freeney-esque" move. 

He often played with his foot to the line and so there wasn't much footage that I had that showed him in coverage. He generally did well in flat zone coverages, reading the QB. His man coverage was better, his speed playing a factor in that. It wasn't a strong suit, but didn't seem a liability either.

Overall, he looks to be an excellent talent. Him and Schofield would pair as two great athletes, but both of them are undersized. With Wilson in the box, does it matter?

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