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RotB Playoff Pick'em: The Final Results

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For a game that didn't feature any lead changes, it was relatively entertaining as it seemed the Steelers would overcome the obstacles and take the lead. Turnovers were the difference as they usually are and the Packers took advantage of those Steelers' miscues to score 21 points, one interception for a touchdown being the difference in the score, 31-25. "don f" was the closest to the final score, predicting a 31-24 victory for the Packers and earned 49 Pick'em Points and assured that he would remain atop the Playoff Pick'em Standings, having a 30 point advantage over the next participant. Congratulations, don f!

Thank you everyone that participated with RotB's Pick'em games over the past three years. It's been a lot of fun. I won't do a Draft Pick'em this year as frankly that was a flop last year. Whether RotB Pick'em returns next year depends on a lot of factors, least of being a new CBA. Otherwise it may be a year of UFL Pick'em and seeing if you can spot me on the sideline of Hartford Colonials games.

Playoff Pick'em Final Results

PIT @ GB (25/31) PP Total PP Username
24/31 49 285 don f
27/38 41 255 Cuckoo for Coco Puffs
24/27 45 249 Hawkwind
14/20 28 244 FarRock5
24/21 9 238 Drullin'OverDaCards
20/31 45 205 azcardswinez
34/31 11 200 Reo Hays
23/24 41 196 StuckinColorado
17/24 35 173 cardinalbrown
17/27 38 173 robloosli
23/27 44 170 az78true
17/24 35 148 Skii
21/17 2 114 CardsIrish
27/23 10 91 JoeCB1991
3/97 -66 49 hadrarius