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New Defensive Coordinator Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Now that the Cardinals are on the brink of signing a new defensive coordinator, it sparks interest with the direction that the team could head. Billy Davis couldn't get the job done with a plethora of talent and now he's out of a job. Steelers defensive backs coach Ray Horton is the current candidate tgetting the most consideration to take Davis' place. Will he change the scheme? Or will he utilize the players differently? These questions are difficult to answer at this point but it leaves the door open for many possibilities.

This past season the Cardinals defense drastically struggled at the hands of their opponents. If they weren't giving up a ballooning score, they were allowing opponents to run wild.

The eye-opening part is that before the season even began, the fans were anticipating a "complete" defense. Finally. At least it seemed that way. With an ideal defensive line that housed Darnell Dockett, Calais Campbell, and rookie Dan Williams, an experienced line backing corps, and a secondary with three potential Pro Bowl'ers, anything less then a top-10 defense would be a failure. Unfortunately that's exactly what they became. Before the year began, Kerry Rhodes even gave a prediction that nearly became true:

Of course I think we have improved. We have added experience and play making. I think as a unit we will be stronger if we all buy in. If I am making 100 tackles this year, we're not a good defense with all the talent we have.

Rhodes finished the season with 90 tackles and the Cardinals defense allowed 373.6(4th most) total yards and 27.1(3rd most) allowed points per game.

The Cardinals need to keep the talent they have, but the linebacker unit needs a spark of youth. Clark Haggans, Joey Porter, and Gerald Hayes don't have the athleticism or speed to keep up with the quicker talent throughout the NFL. A change needs to be made to convert the Cardinals defense from a collapsing mess, to a well-oiled machine. Do you believe the new coordinator can turn around the Cardinals defense? What changes will need to be made?