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NFL Combine: News Of Julio Jones' Broken Foot Adds Intrigue To His Draft Status

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I will preface this with a clarification. I am in love with Von Miller as a potential selection for the Arizona Cardinals in the 2011 NFL Draft. In more than one mock draft, he is projected to be Arizona's selection. However, there is the possibility that he could be gone by the time that the Cardinals pick.

That's where this crazy idea comes in. I love value, especially when it means still filling needs. Yesterday I posed the question of looking at wide receiver in the first round, specifically looking at Georgia's AJ Green and Alabama's Julio Jones. Jones put up some fantastic numbers at the combine, posting a 4.39 40, and a broad jump of over 11 feet. Add to these insanely good physical features the fact that he did all of it with a broken foot that will need a screw inserted, and you have a player who is incredibly gifted.

This is why I can't help but think about it.

Let's suppose that Miller is taken before the Cardinals can draft him. Yes, there are many needs that the Cardinals have, but we have to realize that receiver is one of those needs. Are there more pressing issues? Yes. The team needs pass rushing help, a quarterback and help in pass coverage.

However, with Larry Fitzgerald being able to become a free agent after next season and both Steve Breaston and Early Doucet not under contract for next season, there is a huge hole. All that are left are three players in Andre Roberts, Max Komar and Stephen Williams who just finished their rookie season.

Jones would then have a whole season, if not more, to work under the tutelage of perhaps the best receiver in the game and probably the hardest working receiver. If Fitz stays, there would be years of an elite receiving corp.

Again, if Miller is drafted, Arizona could take a look at moving down. As of right now, Jones is projected to go in the early to mid first round. They trade down, select Jones (or even Green) and pick up another draft pick or two. As it is, one mock draft had Arizona selecting Arizona Wildcat defensive end Brooks Reed, a pass rusher, in the second round. That can help fill that need.

The extra pick or picks could either become another player to potentially meet a team need or be parlayed into a deal to move up to be able to select a player the team really wants.

I don't see how this would be a bad thing. But again, I have Von Miller still as my number one guy. I want to know if I am out there on my own planet on this other possibility.