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Arizona Cardinals Expected To Cut Derek Anderson, Joey Porter

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted Tuesday morning about some expected cuts from NFL teams. Monday saw players such as Clinton Portis, Tommie Harris, Kris Jenkins and Vernon Gholston get released from their respective teams (Redskins, Bears and Jets). Among those expected to be released this week include some Arizona Cardinals: quarterback Derek Anderson and linebacker Joey Porter.

Do these expected moves surprise anyone? They don't for me...

Ever since Derek Anderson's postgame tirade, I think we all have been waiting for this moment. He was going to enter the second year of his two-year $7.25 million deal. As a person, I feel bad for him. I am not sure what we expected from him. Look at his 2010 stats compared to his career. His QB rating for 2010 was a paltry 65.9. His career QB rating? 68.8.

Following Kurt Warner was going to be a tall task for any quarterback here in Arizona, never mind a guy like Anderson. I've said it before -- we should not have expected much. He was beat out by Brady Quinn, who has since been beaten out as a backup by Tim Tebow, who many still believe is not going to be an NFL quarterback.

That being said, he would not be a bad choice for a backup. He seemed to come in more focused off the bench and also had a knack for doing well in his first couple of drives. Coming in late in a game in relief or a having a spot start would not be a bad situation for him. He should still be in the league in 2011.

In any case, Anderson had to go. The problem is that the three quarterbacks left on the roster are John Skelton, Max Hall and Richard Bartel. Obviously there will have to be changes, but the three of them combined have 12 games of NFL experience.

The impending release of Joey Porter is to be expected. He was set to earn $5.75 million this next season. Ken Whisenhunt came out and said that Porter played too many snaps. Almost $6 million is too much for a backup or a situational guy. He had a couple of moments, but looked slow and/or disinterested most of the season. I would not be surprised if he returns to the team, but obviously at a cheaper price tag.

Whisenhunt made a comment after the season about learning not to fall in love with a guy based on what he did a few years ago. I believe this refers specifically to Porter and Anderson. Their releases needed to be done.