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Cardinals Now Not Expected To Make Cuts, At Least Not Yet

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Although it was reported earlier that the Arizona Cardinals were planning on releasing quarterback Derek Anderson and linebacker Joey Porter, which gladdened many of us here on RotB (as noted by the poll), Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic is now saying that the team is not planning on cutting any player this week. He did not deny the likelihood that it would happen later on, just that it was unlikely to occur this week because there was no real reason to do so yet.

We already have noted that neither Anderson nor Porter impressed. Both are scheduled to make a lot of money. Anderson is due $4.25 million and Porter $5.75 million. However, they don't paid a cent of that until the season begins.

It appears that neither player is due a roster bonus, which is a common reason to cut a player before the beginning of March deadline that there typically seems to be. So, keeping them on for now simply prevents them from signing with another team before the expiration of the current CBA.  

The other reason to let them go would be to free up cap space to sign someone else, but the Cardinals already have a ton of cap room, nor do they appear to be targeting anyone other than trying to extend Larry Fitzgerald's contract.

So, if you were planning on popping open that celebratory champagne, hold off. If you did already, well then enjoy it and remember to get yourself another bottle for when the news is official instead of a rumor.