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NFL Combine: Patrick Peterson Update

Along with Texas A&M Linebacker Von Miller and North Carolina Defensive End Robert Quinn, LSU Cornerback Patrick Peterson is one of the guys that everyone around RotB would like to see the Cardinals take with their first round draft pick. During his workouts today, he did not disappoint. Notes from his workout and a highlight video after the jump.

He ran a 4.34 in the 40, along with a 10'6" broad jump and a 38 inch vertical leap. He also weighed in at 219 pounds and he is 6'0", which sounds more like a Safety than a Cornerback. He can probably play either position just fine, but his speed should be enough for whichever team drafts him to leave him at Cornerback.

He also impressed in the drills, NFL Network's Mike Mayock said "I thought he looked really good in the drills. Is he a little taller? Yeah, he is, but he unlocks his hips, he runs, great ball skills as befits a guy who returns punts and kickoffs. To me, he’s a lock-down, Top 10 pick."

As all of you know, I want to see Von Miller taken with the 5th overall pick, but Peterson would also be a great choice from what I have seen. He has been described as someone who has the potential to be the next Darrelle Revis or Nnamdi Asomugha, and he can also step in for a team right away as a kick returner even if he doesn't wind up starting at Cornerback right away. If the Cardinals draft him, I still have questions about the pass rush though. Even an elite Corner like Revis cannot hold up in coverage if the Quarterback is given forever to sit back in the pocket and wait for his receivers to eventually get open. This is why I want Miller, to improve the pass rush which will improve the overall Defense more right away than adding Peterson will. If you have a good pass rush, it makes all of your Cornerbacks look better.

What did you think of Peterson if you were able to watch the draft coverage this morning?


Patrick Peterson - LSU CB #7 (via lightyoshi)