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NFL Lockout: No 18-Game Season, Reportedly Yes To Rookie Wage Scale

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The NFL and NFLPA continue negotiations for a new CBA with the extended deadline of Friday evening looming. However, progress was made on Wednesday. While the big issues of money and how much the NFL should get before then dividing the revenue with the players remain the big differences between the two sides, a couple of topics have been agreed upon. 

To start, the two sides have reportedly agreed to a rookie wage scale, something that most believed was something both sides wanted. This will allow salary money to be distributed more towards veterans and not to pay enormous bonuses to players coming out of college that haven't played a down of professional football. 

Additionally, what has been something of discussion by NFL owners for some time has been the idea of an 18-game season. Just the other day here on RotB, we gave a couple of ideas to approach the expanded schedule, but it turns out that our stolen ideas will not be needed. the NFLPA announced that the 18-game proposal is no longer on the table for negotiations. 

A few of the Cardinals chimed in on that announcement.


Larry Fitzgerald tweeted, "My body is cheering after hearing the 18 game season talk is off the table!"

Steve Breaston responded, "Yo they would of had a to have a wr rotation like pitchers in baseball"

Jay Feely had stronger words, tweeting, "For sure. Never saw how the NFL was going to justify 18-game sked while talking about player safety. Hypocrisy."

Now that is off the table and the rookie scale is agreed upon, let's hope the nitty-gritty of major financial stuff can get hammered out in the next two days. If not, this could be a long offseason.