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2011 NFL Draft: Players The Cardinals Do Not Want To See In NFC West

Mel Kiper has a new mock draft up. It seems almost everyone has their own mock draft and makes projections even though we are still more than a months away from the actual draft. Usually we like to focus on the players we hope our team drafts. Over the last couple of weeks, the majority is hoping that Von Miller winds up being the Cardinals' selection at number five.

However, with a draft class that boasts a few players that could make an immediate impact, there is the other side for fans -- the players that we hope do not end up on a rival roster. Specifically, we do not want San Francisco or Seattle to get anybody good. We don't want the Rams to, either.

After the jump are the guys that I would rather not see in the division this year or years to come.

Cam Newton: As for here in the community, he seems to be the consensus bust. However, I am not so sure. Plus, he has enough "wow" factor and physical talent that I would rather he not be in the NFC West. He could be a bust, but he could also develop into a nightmare to defend. San Francisco would be the only of the other NFC West teams that would have a shot at him.

Patrick Peterson: He also would only be available (and that is only a maybe) for the 49ers. But the possibility of Peterson and Nate Clement in the same defensive backfield makes me shudder, especially if the Cardinals' QB is suspect at all.

Blaine Gabbert: The Rams already have a franchise quarterback in the making. Considering the QB situation in here, it would not be very good for the Cards to see another potential franchise guy land in the division.

AJ Green and/or Julio Jones: Jones viably could end up in St. Louis. Giving Sam Bradford really good targets is not something I want to see for years to come.

Von Miller: I know. He is supposed to be a Cardinal. But if he does not get selected by Arizona, I certainly don't want him rushing the passer against the Cardinals.

Whom do you fear the most as a possible opposing player? Vote in the poll. If it is another player, please leave a comment stating who and why.