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NFL Destruct/Construct Fan Game, Day 3: 49ers Destroyed! Cardinals Fans Showing The Hate

This game is catching fire! Cardinals fans (and perhaps other drive-by fans) are voting in droves trying to build and destroy the NFL teams of your choice. Yesterday marked the first complete destruction of an NFL team. After starting the day with only 10 points after losing 22 the first day, the San Francisco 49ers were built once (for mocking purpose, as this fan wanted to build them again only to destroy them again. However, they were destroyed by fans 14 times, thus wiping them out of the game. And so the San Francisco 49ers earn the dubious recognition as being THE MOST HATED TEAM OF RotB.

Eulogy: The 49ers a long time ago were a beautiful team, winning Super Bowls. More importantly, you were not in the Cardinals' division. However, since realignment, we as fans have had to deal with your false bravado and arrogance for years now. You have not won the NFC West since 2002! Sure, it seems you have had our team's number the past couple of years, but when you only win one more game than the Cardinals in a year that is just miserable for us, you should not be talking. Enjoy being the number one hated team here on Revenge of the Birds.

We wish to thank jeff550 for his deciding blow, wiping the Niners from game existence. You get a third action today. use it wisely. For those who were wondering about it, San Fran actually ended the day at -3. Some members wanted to make sure they were good and dead. It was personal.

Check out the new point totals for today and make your moves.

Each day, the teams will earn or lose points based on your actions, so the more people we get in on the game, the more pointless enjoyment we can have.

Each day, you have two actions. You can destroy or build. In the comments, simply write your actions:

  • Destroy (team name of your choice), Build (team name of your choice)
  • Double destroy (team name of your choice)
  • Double build (team name of your choice)

Each "destroy" subtracts a point from the team. Each "build" adds a point to the team's total. Once a team reaches zero points, it is eliminated from the game and the next day with the game update, it will receive a brief eulogy.

The player whose "destroy" is the eliminating move will get a congratulations and a mention in the update and an additional action for the next day, giving him/her three actions for a day.

The teams currently stand as such:

Atlanta Falcons 32
Baltimore Ravens 34 (+2)
Buffalo Bills 34 (+2)
Carolina Panthers 32
Chicago Bears 34
Cincinnati Bengals 32
Cleveland Browns 34 (+1)
Dallas Cowboys 13 (-11)
Denver Broncos 34 (+1)
Detroit Lions 32
Green Bay Packers 33 (+1)
Houston Texans 32
Indianapolis Colts 32
Jacksonville Jaguars 32
Kansas City Chiefs 32
Miami Dolphins 32
Minnesota Vikings 30 (-2)
New England Patriots 31 (-1, +1)
New Orleans Saints 32
New York Giants 32
New York Jets 29 (-1)
Oakland Raiders 32
Philadelphia Eagles 32
Pittsburgh Steelers 19 (-5, +3)
San Diego Chargers 33
San Francisco 49ers ELIMINATED (-3 total: -14, +1 on day)
Seattle Seahawks 24 (-4)
St. Louis Rams 30 (-2)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32
Tennessee Titans 32
Washington Redskins 32