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Von Miller At Pro Day: Shows More Speed, Responds To Criticism

On Wednesday, Texas A&M held their Pro Day and linebacker Von Miller was on display again. With NFl scouts and other personnel present, he showed off his speed once again. He was clocked at 4.50 seconds in the 40-yard dash, improving upon his time in the NFL Combine. He also showed improvement in the three cone drill and the 20-yard shuttle. 

His attitude was great and he also responded to criticism that started a couple of days ago about his motor and his effort on the field. Comments by others and by him after the jump...

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer compared him to Joey Porter (hopefully to the version of Porter that was a premiere pass rusher and not the over-the-hill version):

"He's about the same size [as Porter]; he's got that rush ability; he seems like a pretty outgoing kid. He's still got some work to do on his drops and coverage and things like that, but he's intelligent enough and a good enough athlete to do it. I think he'll have a good career."

Former Cardinals DC Billy Davis (now the DC for the Cleveland Browns) said this: 

"The one thing that makes him special is his ability to rush the passer. It's something that the NFL covets. You need guys who can naturally rush the passer, and he's one of them."

As for how Miller responded to Dave Razzano's comparison to draft bust Vernon Gholston:

"I'm sure if you watch film, I explain all that stuff. I prove myself on film. There's a lot I need to improve on, but I think my film speaks for itself."

Miller showed great maturity in being very open and asking everyone if they wanted him to do anything else. He wanted to prove to them he has what it takes. In terms of maturity, the decision to return for his senior was a wise one. It allowed him to improve some more, it improved his draft stock and he showed that he is willing to finish what he started. 

I'll admit it. The more I hear about Miller, the more I am convinced that he will be a great addition to the Cardinals defense and would help improve their pass rush from day one. 

I did not hear any reports of the Cardinals having anybody present at his workouts, but it is well known that the team likes him. If they were not present it was likely because they already have seen enough or because they plan on working him out individually.

Here is the link to the interview he did after working out.