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NFL Offseason: Yes Or No To Marc Bulger

When a labor deal is signed (and it will), teams will be very aggressive in their pursuit of FA's. Teams have had to wait for free agency and have had a ton of time to do their homework. When FA begins the Arizona Cardinals will need to be aggressive when they pursue players.

One of those players we should sign is Marc Bulger and why I think he is the best QB for us. (last paragraph is my point. Mentions both him and Warner in Martzs' system). the two paragraphs starting with Bulger by the "where will vince land video")

While Flacco isn't an elite QB, he is very good for his 3rd year. Flacco had his best season last year with a 93.6 QB rating, throwing for 3,622 yards, 25 TD's, and 10 INT's. If Bulger really was pushing him, it could mean he is back in form. Bulger is a career 60% passer and has played at a high level. I am sure he wouldn't miss a wide open Larry Fitzgerald like Derrick Anderson did. Bulger is the only good and experienced QB worth picking up this off season. Other than Carson Palmer and Kyle Orton, both of which are unlikely to leave their respective teams, no one else is - including the draft. Both Palmer and Orton will be expensive to acquire yet are not significantly better statistically.

Well that's if we can protect him.