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NFL Offseason: Cardinals To Address Quarterback Situation 'Through The Draft Or Through Free Agency'

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In his online video chat on, Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwill addressed a few issues that fans have been discussing and questioning this offseason. He addressed ticket prices and the work stoppage, he mentioned getting a deal done with Larry Fitzgerald and he also revealed how the team was planning on addressing the quarterback situation this offseason. 

He mentioned how that would be a priority, considering how vocal Ken Whisenhunt has been about the quarterback play in 2010. He said that they "would be looking through the draft or through free agency at the quarterback position." 

I don't know about you, but he seemed to leave out one means of acquiring a quarterback, and the one many have been hoping would be the means of getting a new quarterback -- via trade.

Perhaps it was simply an oversight, or maybe Bidwill was in fact stating the team's offseason game plan. After all, Ken Whisenhunt was present at Cam Newton's Pro Day and it is well known that Marc Bulger was the guy that Whiz really wanted to bring in but was unable to because the Rams waited so long to release him and Arizona had already picked up (our favorite quarterback) Derek Anderson.

I'd like to think that this is an oversight, but Bidwill is a smart man. Yes, he is in his position because of family and not necessarily because of merit, but he has been the leader of the franchise in its turnaround from doormat to division champ (although doormat did happen again). 

So, are we to understand that a trade is not on the horizon? That would mean no Kevin Kolb, no Kyle Orton, no Donovan McNabb, no Matt Flynn and no Carson Palmer.

That would leave us with a drafted guy who is unlikely to make any significant contribution in 2011, John Skelton (remember, he is a project) or a free agent quarterback. 

The free agent quarterback group is anything but impressive (once you eliminate Peyton Manning because he's not leaving Indy and Michael Vick, who already signed his franchise tender). The biggest names are Matt Hasselbeck, Alex Smith, Matt Moore, Matt Leinart (who was offered a first-round tender by the Houston Texans) and Marc Bulger. 

The other names on the list do not exactly fill you with confidence. They include guys like Rex Grossman, Tyler Thigpen, career backup Todd Collins, Trent Edwards and other forgettable players. 

I am a little worried. I think we all know that the best options at quarterback was going to happen via trade. The draft/free agent route could work, but was always going to be the Plan B for most fans and certainly has been the consensus here in the RotB community.

Obviously we have to wait and see, but this revelation/comment/whatever you want to call it gives us a little more flavor as to what could and might happen in the weeks and months to come.