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Arizona Cardinals Highlights Rewind: John Skelton Leads Team To Victory Over Cowboys

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Since for the foreseeable future there will be little to talk about with football in the way of player acquisition because of the NFL lockout, why not look back to something more encouraging. Sure the Cardinals were terrible, but we were treated to a wonderful Christmas gift as John Skelton led the Cardinals to a thrilling 27-26 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Day.

I never actually got to see the game or the highlights. I was up visiting my wife's family and they do not have satellite or NFL Network or anything of the like. I had to use the gamecast to keep up with what was happening. It was every bit as thrilling, but I could not see or hear any of the details. 

For all of us who long for happy Cardinals moments, I have found the video of the winning drive that Skelton led the team on, bring the Cards to victory on Christmas Day. Enjoy!