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NFC West Roundup: Cam Newton to Seattle, an aging Cardinals offensive line, a strengthened 49ers secondary, and more toys for Sam Bradford.

Surprise team enters Cam Newton sweepstakes | National Football Post
It is interesting that the Seattle Seahawks have now entered into the fray that is Cam Newton. If Newton can show the Seahawks what they want to see during these private sessions, I could see them trading up to grab him. If not, they re-sign Hasselbeck and hope Charlie Whitehurst can continue to develop. Hypothetically, if Newton does get taken by the Seahawks and starts under center right away, the Cardinals could be dealing with an entire new set of young quarterbacks in their division. This is definitely not something we would like to see. (It also mentions that Newton will have a workout with the Cardinals)

Mailbag: Draft or trade for QB acquisition? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
As many people around Revenge of the Birds have mentioned, (including myself), Kevin Kolb may be on the market this off-season. The comparison of him to Matt Schaub, though Sando does say Kolb is not necessarily the same, is something to think about. If the Cardinals were to trade for him, one would only hope he could do as well as Schaub has down in Houston. But if, say, the Seattle Seahawks or the San Francisco 49ers were to trade for him, we could only hope he is the furthest thing from Schaub. Otherwise our secondary will have their work cut out for them for years to come.

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2011 NFL draft: Putting it on line (or not) - NFC West Blog - ESPN
As stated in the link, the Cardinals have failed to invest many of their draft picks in the offensive line the past few seasons. The linemen are getting older and we do not have players like Deuce Lutui or Lyle Sendlein signed to multi-year deals. If not dealt with soon, we may see another, "Kurt Warner retired? Umm… How do we handle this?" situation. We certainly don’t want to bring in a ‘Derek Anderson’ to come play on our offensive line do we?

2011 NFL Pro Day Schedule: Nebraska Bringing Prince Amukamara And Alex Henery - Niners Nation
Much discussion has gone on about what would happen if the San Francisco 49ers were able to acquire Patrick Peterson from LSU with the seventh overall pick. One thing that Cardinals fans have failed to mention is that there are two very high rated cornerbacks in this year’s draft, Prince Amukamara from Nebraska being one of them. Amukamara could easily develop into a shutdown corner with his skills. Nate Clements + Prince Amukamara = quite a tandem in the secondary.

Steve Smith available for a third round pick? - Turf Show Times
How would this affect the draft? Would the Rams still pick a WR like AJ Green or Julio Jones (if either were to fall to them) in the first round? I believe with a skilled receiver like Steve Smith (the Panthers one, not the Giants receiver), the Rams now have a go-to-guy and can put him up next to Alexander/Clayton/Amendola etc… For the Cardinals, that means Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie shifting over to take Smith and Toler having to step up his game even more to cover big receivers like Denario Alexander or quick ones like Danny Amendola.