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Tweet, Tweet: The Best Of The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter This Week

In this world of instant information, Twitter is the means of many of us of gaining instant news and entertainment. I use it to read funny stuff, to share stuff I write and get instant notifications of news (correct and incorrect). Athletes like those on the Arizona Cardinals use it for just showing who they are to their fans. Some use it to communicate with their teammates, others to promote awareness or to help them promote their own projects.

In the last week there have been lots of well-wishing for those who suffered loss or injury in the Japan earthquake. Likewise, there has been lots of chatter about the CBA negotiations and now the lockout. In what I hope becomes a weekly feature, I will share with you what I think have been the best tweets from people connected to the Cardinals for the past week.

Here are the candidates for the week:

Alan Faneca (@afan66):

TwitLonger: Just got done with my work out, wink-wink....RT @lendoggy_80 @JasonLaCanfora @AdamSchefter since the

Just got done with my work out, wink-wink....RT @lendoggy_80 @JasonLaCanfora @AdamSchefter since there's no drug testing or player conduct policy can players do steroids with no consequence ? @afan66

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett):

I wanna call my head coach & ask him how do we supposed 2 get better so we can get back our NFC title but we aren't allowed 2!! Can I skype?

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner):

Twitter / Kurt Warner: All u jokers asking if I a ...

All u jokers asking if I am attending career day as fball player or dancer? Not offended feelin good u thot I danced well enuf 2 call career

Jay Feely (@jayfeely):

Twitter / Jay Feely: From kicking all the Labor ...

From kicking all the Labor stuff around? RT @realfreemancbs Pulled groins aren't fun.

Steve Breaston (@SBreaston15):

Twitter / Steve Breaston:

Lost twice to @kurt13warner aka Pop Warner smh ... It's ok #iheldmyown lol

Now it is up to you. Vote for the best tweet of the week!