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2011 NFL Draft: Jake Locker On NFL Total Access

As of right now, because of the lockout in the NFL, there will be no NFL business, no free agency, no player trades and no games for any of the foreseeable future. The one thing that will happen despite the lockout is the NFL draft. Mock drafts continue to be done and projections are made by experts. 

The Arizona Cardinals know they need to address the quarterback position. Here on RotB we have almost come to a consensus that we do not want the team to draft a quarterback at number five overall. Cam Newton has potential, but most of us that are vocal in the community do not want him in a Cardinals uniform. Blaine Gabbert elicits mixed responses.

The one guy we have not heard much discussion of is Washington's Jake Locker. This is mostly because no one really believes that he should be chosen that high in the draft. He raised his stock immensely with the NFL Combine, but is still projected to go in the middle of the first round in the most generous mock drafts.

Nonetheless, the lockout may change draft strategies. For one, the money will be less of an issue because eventually the money for rookies will be much less than in years past. Also, with the inability to move players or sign free agents, the Cardinals may be forced to draft a quarterback, even at number five and even if both Newton and Gabbert are off the board. 

Locker is listed by Mike Mayock of the NFL Network as the number two rated quarterback in the 2011 Draft. He was on NFL Total Access and answered a few questions.

Do you have any idea where you might be going (in the draft)?

No idea, but I think that is what makes this so exciting and so much fun. 

Who did you speak to at the Combine?

Between formal and informal meetings, I think I had the opportunity to speak with every team.

What was the craziest question you were asked?

Not a whole lot. A lot of X's and O's. But we talked a lot about football.

Do you think that a lot of that has to do with the fact that you were drafted in baseball?

Yeah, that was a question that I was asked across the board, whether baseball was the route for me or if I was going to play football. I love the game of football. That's why I chose to play until this point.

What do you think is your main attribute as you try to move up draft boards?

I think that the character and the personality that I'll bring to a locker room and on the field is a strength of mine and competitiveness. At any point of the game, whatever the score is, no matter how much time is left, I'm going to play four quarters until the final whistle blows. I guarantee that every game you'll get my best.


Being an ASU fan, I have seen quite a bit of Locker in college football. He was surrounded by bad teams and he did not have a great year. A year ago, he may have been the first pick overall. I believe that he will be a solid pro quarterback. I don't think that if the Cardinals draft a quarterback that he would be bad. I'd be all right with that. He will likely not be around when the team selects in he second round. He is certainly something to think about for the draft, if anything else.