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3-13-11: Bird Droppings - Lockout continues

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Quick note, there probably won't be a lot of Cardinals news until the lockout ends, so most of what I post on these things will probably wind up being news related to this battle between the owners and the players. blogs - Kent Somers - Putting the "off" in NFL off-season
The NFLPA has decertified. The NFL has locked the players out. Now what?

Lockout leaves NFL in limbo after talks break off
All along, the NFL said it was certain the union would dissolve itself and players would head to court for antitrust lawsuits. All along, the union insisted the league's owners were planning to lock out the players. And that's exactly what happened.

2011 NFL Draft: Late-Round Steals for the Arizona Cardinals | Bleacher Report
I love late-round steals, don't you? New England Patriots fans do (two words...Tom and Brady). But the Cardinals have had their share of late-rounders who have contributed, most notably LaRod Stephens-Howling last season.

Isaiah Thomas' buzzer-beater lifts Washington over Arizona Wildcats in Pac-10 championship

Isaiah Thomas hit a fadeaway jumper at the buzzer, lifting Washington past No. 16 Arizona 77-75 Saturday for the Pac-10 tournament championship.

Mailbag: Preparing for the unexpected - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Lots of questions - Smith's letter to the fans
The National Football League Players' Association released a statement Friday evening that responded to the statements released earlier in the evening by commissioner Roger Goodell and the league. The statement features a letter from NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith to the fans. It also includes a list of issues that caused the mediation talks to break down and led the union to apply for decertification.

Pete Kendall says owners’ statements are "completely false" | ProFootballTalk
Owners consistently have accused the players of pushing the negotiation process toward decertification and litigation. And one former player who has been involved in the negotiations disagrees. Strongly.

Roger Goodell, Jeff Pash follow through on vow to slash salary to $1 | ProFootballTalk
In January, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and chief negotiator Jeff Pash promised to cut their pay to an annual salary of $1 during a work stoppage. They’ve followed through.

NFL labor decision winners and losers - Rick Reilly Go Fish Blog - ESPN
If this NFL season never happens, it's going to be a lot like ones that do. Either way, there are going to be winners and losers.

Will Von Miller be blackballed? - AFC West Blog - ESPN
In a statement regarding a class-action lawsuit filed by some players, National Football League Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith referred to Von Miller as a "a brave young Aggie prospect." Miller was the only draft prospect of the 10 players named on the lawsuit.

Mark Murphy: This takes us back to the 1980s | ProFootballTalk
Mark Murphy was an NFL player who went on strike in 1982, and now he’s the president and CEO of the Packers during a lockout almost three decades later. He says the current work stoppage does not bring back fond memories.

Coaches told contact with players reason for firing with cause | ProFootballTalk
NFL teams are taking this "no contact with players" thing seriously.