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Say Hello To The ROTB Writing Team

GLENDALE AZ - DECEMBER 25:  Fans of the Arizona Cardinals sit outside of the University of Phoenix Stadium before the NFL game against the Dallas Cowboys in Glendale Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
GLENDALE AZ - DECEMBER 25: Fans of the Arizona Cardinals sit outside of the University of Phoenix Stadium before the NFL game against the Dallas Cowboys in Glendale Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Hello, RotB community:

In the rush of trying to keep content up on the page, I neglected to tell everyone who is now part of the writing team. If you don't remember where I come from, I introduced myself little while ago. I am proud to have the chance to lead this community and help it become an active, passionate group of fans.

As you may have noticed on the masthead at the bottom of the page that we have five fans that do the writing with me to make this page what you guys want it to be. One thing I would like to encourage you all as fans is to be active. Be more than I was. I only lurked and maybe commented a couple of times for months. Be a part of this community. If you run across anything interesting, share a FanShot. If you have an opinion, write up a FanPost. The SB Nation connection we have I think is the best form of fan page you can have. The ability to post on your own and have them featured is one thing that brought me to the family of websites in the first place.

Since I have been blogging about sports for only the last year, I know how important it is to share what you all have to say. I will do my best to feature most of the FanPosts you all write. You all are what makes this blog great. Just remember that. 

In any case, meet your writing team: JoeCB1991, Skii, CardsFan08, RedBirdRevival and Jessesb. 

JoeCB1991: I'm Joe, I have been visiting RotB since I discovered this site during the Playoff Run in the 2008 season and I joined in August of 2009. I have been watching the Cardinals as far back as I can remember and after all the years of blackouts in a half empty Sun Devil Stadium and all of the losses I'm just hoping the Cardinals do not fall back to the way things were in the 90s. I also like watching all of the other teams that play in Arizona (Rattlers, Suns, Coyotes, Mercury, DiamondBacks) and after watching through the bad years in the 90s I have learned how to stick with the teams I like even when they are playing awful. I graduated from McClintock High School in 2009, and since then I have been going to ITT Tech to get a degree in Criminal Justice.

SkiiMy ROTB username is Skii (has to do with my real-life stuff).  I joined ROTB last offseason, before the Draft, but after Kurt Warner retired (If I remember correctly).  That offseason, I truly became a fan.  I had watched games before that, including all the playoffs games of the 2008 and 2009 seasons, but during that offseason, I started to follow them more closely, like reading news about them, checking updates, etc.  So, I guess it makes sense that I found ROTB then.

I'm a fan of all the Phoenix/Arizona teams.  The Cardinals seem to reign on top of my list of favorite sports teams, with all the other desert teams close behind.  I think my greatest Cardinals was when Fitz scored the go-ahead TD in the Super Bowl.  Of course, that should've been the game-winning TD, but I won't get started on all that (Luckily for you!).

CardsFan08: My name is Randy a.k.a. CardsFan08. The meaning behind my name is simple; 2008 was the year I became a of having season ticket holder, and have been ever since. I think I'm the original CardsFan screen name at ROTB, since I've been around since the 2008 PreSeason with a bunch of the original cast. But I'd like to see if there is anyone else out there who has a claim to the "CardsFan" name prior to '08. I see quite a few of us out there nowadays. I joined the site after our miraculous 2007 (8-8) season, under Coach Whis and Warner's resurgence, in search of Cardinals fans who loved to talk Cardinals football and have enjoyed the ride ever since!

I'm a native Arizonan, but I live in San Diego, and drive to half of the home games, and sell the rest to friends and ROTB members. They're home side tickets in the lower bowl, so you know we have to protect the nest!

I love talking about Cardinals football, and I like being able to post something that will spur some discussion. I have a love of numbers, and arguing for and against stats. It makes for interesting conversations! Being a rookie writer, I'm looking to improve and I take criticism well. So please shoot me any ideas that can make my articles better, or any ideas for future articles.

RedBirdRevival: Hi, I am Tyler and I have been a Cardinals fan for a few years now, but only until the great Superbowl run in 2008 did I become the diehard fan that I am now. I love teams such as the Cardinals (obviously), Suns, Bulls, and of course the Sun Devils. I attend ASU as a sophomore where I am looking to get my degree in English and hopefully I can be writing about sports as a career. Love hearing what people have to say about sports any time of day so hit me up on here or on Twitter @RedBirdRevival.

Jessesb: I've been active on ROTB for over a year now and I am also a moderator on the site. I have contributed before on the site.  I love Cardinals football and have memories of sweating in Sun Devil Stadium. This season will be my first opportunity to see a game at UOP stadium and I plan to go big for it. The Cards better win.