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The Lingerie Football League: A Viable TV Replacement For NFL If Games Lost?

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The NFL labor situation is in court now, with an April 6 hearing about the possible injunction preventing the owners from locking out the players. The NFLPA (which is no longer technically a union) has told potential draftees to stay home, but then changed their story. No one really thinks this will happen, but it is possible that we lose actual NFL games on Sundays this fall.

Someone has a solution. It is not a perfect solution, but it just might do the trick. Have you ever considered watching football played by women in underwear and shoulder pads?

I'll be honest. I had heard about the so-called league, but did not realize that it is a real league.

The Lingerie Football League has 10 teams with rosters of 20 women and is entering its third season. They play seven-on-seven football. There is no team in Phoenix, but there is one in San Diego, just a drive away.

The news is that the league, which normally has played on Fridays, is considering playing on Sundays if there is no NFL then. Already, the league has announced that they will begin broadcasting in 3D (!!!).

I know it isn't the NFL, but how bad could this be? On Sundays, watching football, only with beautiful women in bras and panties playing and knocking each other around. Call me crazy, but I think this just might be something to watch. As for the women who object, I know for a fact that there are many who watch sports to look at the athletes. is this any different?

Feel free to share your thoughts. Would you watch? It isn't trying to play the 'equality card' like the WNBA or other women's sports. It is obviously meant for the guys to watch and is exploiting our fondness for boobs and butts. In the end, most of TV does this anyway and the NFL with its cheerleaders also does it. Why deny what we are? We like football and women.