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Kerry Rhodes And Steve Breaston Get Philosophical On Twitter

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Perhaps in reaction to Grant Hill's reaction to comments made by former members of the famous "Fab Five" about him, but some of the Arizona Cardinals were using Twitter for more than just banter, jokes or controversy. They were getting into some very thoughtful conversation about family and growing up.

Kerry Rhodes (@kerryrhodes) asks the question:

Do u guys think that having both parents in ur household drastically makes a difference in wat the kid ultimately does in life? 

Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15) chimes in:

@kerryrhodes i think it helps a lot, especially when you start your own family

@kerryrhodes I think those voids r always replaced by somebody or something...which I feel dictates how drastic the change is

Rhodes then tweets later:

I think u need both parents to fully reach ur maximum potential in life and love! But can be very successful with one loving parent as well.

Do u guys agree with my thinking?

Breaston answers:

Yah and no, some people excel because they strive to be r do what they didn't have. 

Then there r others even with 2 parents in the home don't excel because they are comfortable.

Rhodes was glad to have the debate. 

I, for one, agree with both sides. Yes, you can grow up with only one loving parent and make it in life and there are many who have two parents who don't grow into successful adults. However, it is generally better to have two parents who love and support their kids. There is no need to start a kid off with a disadvantage and having only one parent is exactly that, as is having two parents who fight or two parents who do not love and support adequately. 

In so much discussion of money and player safety and legalese, it is refreshing to hear athletes discussing things that most of us can relate to. 

As for the rest of you, where do you stand on the issue that Rhodes and Breaston were discussing? And do you like to be able to, in a way, sit in on that conversation via social media?