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Darnell Dockett Is 'Throwing Bombs' On Twitter (Again)

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Darnell Dockett is a great football player. He holds the records, along with Reggie White, for the most sacks in a Super Bowl (his three against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2009 Super Bowl). But the Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman is probably not the guy you want your kids looking up to when it comes to everyday behavior.

Twitter has become a way for people to get instant news, entertainment and general communication. However, one thing it does do for good and for bad is to allow others to look into the character of a person, depending on what he or she tweets. Dockett has made a splash more than once for his Internet exploits. Tuesday he was at it again (the tweet is after the jump because there is a word I would prefer not be used here).

First, it was video streaming himself taking a shower. More recently it was a comment that could be construed as racist. Here is the latest from DD on Twitter:

4647_1058644000848_1668357525_229289_7187790_n_normal RT @lilduval: Ladies be honest how many of y'all got the shit slapped out of u by Yo nigga and u knew u derserved it? @ddockett via Twitter

Now, while this may have a smallest element of truth or humor and it wasn't technically Dockett's own words, the retweeting something that would insinuate that some cases of domestic abuse are warranted is just a bit irresponsible. Now, a follow up tweet didn't make it any better.

4647_1058644000848_1668357525_229289_7187790_n_normal Ahahah I talk shat on twitter if u don't have humor I'm not the person 2 follow! I RT what I want when I want! &U throw rocks I throw Bombs @ddockett via Twitter

He is right. He technically can retweet whatever he wants. No one has to follow him. He can make himself look like an idiot. However, at the same time, he is doing himself, his team and the NFL a disservice for communicating something like that, even in jest.

Personally, I would prefer to not know anything about how athletes are in the personal lives. I want them to be athletes and nothing more. The only other thing I would want to know is what they are doing in the community, if they are doing anything. I don't care about their opinions on family, marriage, politics or anything else -- just sports and, in particular, just the sport they play.

I don't follow Darnell Dockett. Nothing he has to say on Twitter is something I want mucking up my timeline. Should the team or league ban him? No, but I am definitely supportive of fines for tweets like the one he sent on Tuesday.