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Tweet, Tweet: The Best Of The Week From The Cardinals On Twitter (3/20)

If you had not yet noticed, on the sidebar to the right, we have an updated Twitter feed for all the Arizona Cardinals players I could find on Twitter, in addition to pertinent other accounts that relate to the Cardinals. Thanks to this, you and I can easily see the things -- sometimes funny, sometimes incomprehensible, sometimes meaningful, sometimes mundane -- that the people around the Cardinals have to share over social media.

Here is the collection of what I think were the best of the week from or favorite players. You decide which is the best! (Oh, if there is one that I missed, let me know)

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) On the several boneheaded plays in the NCAA Tournament:

I no they r just college kids, but alot of 'dumb' mistakes late in games, kinda like throwing a 100 yd INT 4 a TD in SB w/ no time on clock!

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) responding to Larry Fitzgerald's tweet about french fries:

RT @LarryFitzgerald: McDonalds french fries= #Winning--------- ahhhhh I'm telling john Lott!!

Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15) on how the knee that was bothering him much of the season is feeling:

@MattWare22 @meezybaby27 bout to hop the facility wall and show these dudes what this knee looking like lol #Ipromise

Trumaine McBride (@TruMcBride) on finding out gender of his unborn child:

It's a BOY! #babyTRU **pokes out chest**

Alan Faneca (@afan66) responding to someone who can't resist March Madness:

Means ur lazy and cant get off the couch.RT @Josh_UA_K St. Patty's Parade in NYC or March Madness, its a tough call, but you can't beat NCAA basketball this time of year.

Alan Faneca again, but this time dealing with the madness of the lockout:

Neither side is wrong until training camp begins, its the NFL offseason(time to handle the business side of the game)RT @ProSportsForums @afan66 It would have to influence public opinion to be propaganda. The court of public opinion thinks both sides are wrong.

Derek Anderson (@derekanderson3) on Roger Goodell's letter to the players asking for negotiations:

Letter from the comish..joke! @jayfeely needs to explain all of this to the world.. All of the false info is making this a disaster...

The vote is yours!