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How Are We Doing So Far? ROTB Soliciting Feedback

Good morning everybody!

It has been three weeks now that I have had the privilege of managing the ROTB page and community. Thus far, we have a team of writers that is both familiar and new. We have had a daily game that will continue until there are no teams left to eliminate. We are beginning a community and writer mock draft. We have daily Bird Droppings, a Twitter poll, a stat post, an NFC West roundup, soon a Caption This! feature each week and then I try to get up anything pertinent to the Cardinals. If things go as always, we should have the Pick 'Em contest once (and if) the season starts.

However, since this is a Cardinals community, I would like to reach out to you for a pair of things. 

To begin, I want to know how you feel we are doing. Is the content adequate? Are we going too much into certain topics or not enough? Do you have any comments or criticisms? Do you have concerns or questions about me personally? Are you happy with how the blog is doing? Comments about the layout? If you have any feedback, please send me an email. I think that is the best thing with those issues.

Secondly, I want to know if there are any ideas, features or topics you want to see that you have not seen. What do you want to see on the blog?  These ideas can be shared in the comments.

Lastly, I want to remind you of he FanPost and FanShot features of this great site. We have had a few excellent FanPosts recently. I encourage any thoughts and opinions that would be over 150 words in length to be posted as FanPosts. If you run across a video, picture, quote or link that you find interesting, share it as a FanShot. If you have noticed, when you have something good to share, I will gladly post it on the front page to feature. 

Thanks again for staying on board with the change. I love this so far. Everyone has great insights and opinions. 

If you have not yet formed an account, please do so. Don't just lurk. Be part of the group. Share your thoughts. Be a part of what is great about being a Cardinals fan, for better or for worse.