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NFL Team Destruction/Construction, Day 15: Rams, Vikings Out, Ravens Start Decline

It is done. The entire NFC West has been wiped from game existence. It took a couple of extra actions to do it, as there is a Rams fan sneaking around here, but they and the Vikings were taken out. Another new twist is that the Baltimore Ravens finally took some hits. They almost had 50 points. 

Overall, we want to see how long it will take to wipe out all the rest of the teams. 11 teams down, 20 to go. 

I am making one small tweak, to avoid rampant misuse of the "flaw." I am on and off the site throughout the day (dang that thing called a job). If I get on and a team has been eliminated and no funny moves have been made to revive them, I will post a comment calling their death. The "revival" can still happen before that, but this will keep from overuse. In the end, is it really worth an extra action in a silly game?


Rams, it seemed we liked them. Actually, I  think we only eliminated them out of obligation. They had to go because they are in our division. We can't hate them that much. They produced Kurt Warner, and when the Cardinals go to St. Louis, even now it is sort of like a home game. But now they have this young stud QB and we are just jealous (and a little worried)

The Minnesota Vikings deserved to go. They had Brett Favre, who went from absolute hero in Green Bay to villain. They have their cold weather and now their broken stadium. Oh, yeah. They need a QB, too. Consider it a mercy killing.

The members who get an additional action for the day are Cardsfan928 (Vikings) and birdman2 (Rams). Use them well.


Each day, the teams will earn or lose points based on your actions, so the more people we get in on the game, the more pointless enjoyment we can have.

Each day, you have two actions. You can destroy or build. In the comments, simply write your actions:

  • Destroy (team name of your choice), Build (team name of your choice) 
  • Double destroy (team name of your choice)
  • Double build (team name of your choice)

Each "destroy" subtracts a point from the team. Each "build" adds a point to the team's total. Once a team reaches zero points, it is eliminated from the game and the next day with the game update, it will receive a brief eulogy.

The player whose "destroy" is the eliminating move will get a congratulations and a mention in the update and an additional action for the next day, giving him/her three actions for a day.

The teams currently stand as such (in parentheses are the actions from the previous day):

Atlanta Falcons  28
Baltimore Ravens 44 (-5, +1)
Buffalo Bills  40 
Carolina Panthers  29
Chicago Bears  12 (-4)
Cincinnati Bengals  32
Cleveland Browns  36
Dallas Cowboys  ELIMINATED #3
Denver Broncos  31 (-2)
Detroit Lions  34 
Green Bay Packers 23 (-2, +1) 
Houston Texans  33
Indianapolis Colts  ELIMINATED #8
Jacksonville Jaguars   37
Kansas City Chiefs  30 
Miami Dolphins  32
Minnesota Vikings  ELIMINATED #11 (-8)
New England Patriots  ELIMINATED #6
New Orleans Saints  19
New York Giants  26 (-2)
New York Jets  ELIMINATED #7
Oakland Raiders  ELIMINATED #5
Philadelphia Eagles  ELIMINATED #9
Pittsburgh Steelers  ELIMINATED #2
San Diego Chargers  23
San Francisco 49ers  ELIMINATED #1
Seattle Seahawks  ELIMINATED #4
St. Louis Rams  ELIMINATED #10 (-9, +2)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  31 
Tennessee Titans  28  
Washington Redskins 19