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2011 NFL Draft:Speculating The Worst Draft Scenario For Cardinals

The 2011 NFL Draft is full of top end talent and I consider it a draft deep in quality, game changing talent. Back and forth we go on whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should use their number five pick on a quarterback or a defensive player, or even for a highly rated receiver.

It has been said a gazillion times before, but Von Miller seems to be the sentimental pick here for the Cardinals in the community. But I was running through a few draft scenarios and ran across one in which I wasn't sure who would make the best pick, and it is completely viable that this exact thing could happen.

If I were to rank what my own draft board would like like, it would go something like this. I imagine that it would look the same for most of you:

1- Von Miller

2- Patrick Peterson

3- Blaine Gabbert

4- A.J. Green

What if all those guys ended up being the top four in the draft? What would be the best plan?

The Cardinals have great need at OLB and QB, with secondary needs at OL, CB, and WR.

There is defensive line talent available (Nick Fairley, Da'Quan Bowers, Robert Quinn, Marcell Dareus), there is still a highly rated quarterback in Cam Newton and there is a cornerback (Prince Amukamara).

If this were the scenario that played out for the Cardinals on draft day, whom would you select? Would you go for the need and risk with Newton? Would you take Amukamara? Would you take one of the defensive players, even when they might not fit the team well, or would you reach for a Jake Locker or a Julio Jones?

Share your thoughts. Personally, I am unsure. I think I would take Newton because he has so much upside and quarterback is a great need. He also looks to be the greatest risk of "bust" status.

Have at it...convince us all!