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Tweet, Tweet: The Best From The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (3/27)

It is Sunday, which means it is time to share what I found were the best tweets from the Arizona Cardinals players. There was a lot of tweeting going on about the NCAA Tournament. Darnell Dockett was just being Darnell.

Vote for the one you like best. As always, you can find all the Cardinals and their tweets on the right sidebar of the front page.

Reagan Maui'a (@Reagan_Mauia45), when asked about why he is training:

Lol 4 my football season I might have in my head this year. Damn u Lockout.. RT @connerysteph: @Reagan_Mauia45 training?? For what? #Nosey

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett):

Like a good agent state farm is THERE with a steak and cheese!! *still waiting* I knew that commercial was bullshit cuz nothing happened!

Max Komar (Mdkomar18), reacting to a comment of a friend about BYU:

Haha yesterday my boy said.."BYU is playing in the pepsi that aloud?" ..too funny!

Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15) on Ohio State's loss in the NCAA Tournament (he attended Michigan)

Just got done watching the movie Sucker Punch...didn't know it was going to be on CBS today #downgoesostate #Pow