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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Latest SB Nation Projections Still Have Cardinals Drafting Miller

In what is no longer a surprise to anyone on the planet, Von Miller is a perfect fit in talent and position for the Arizona Cardinals defensive schemes. A month away from the draft, SB Nation makes the latest projections regarding how the first round will go. Quarterbacks Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are both taken early in the first round and a third, Jake Locker, goes later on. According to these projections, Arizona will have a pretty tough decision at number five, based on who is available.

The main difference in this mock draft is who is available at number five for the Cards. Both Gabbert and Newton are projected to be gone before the Cardinals can take either one. Gabbert is projected to be taken by Carolina as teh first pick overall, while Newton will go at number four to the Bengals.

The tough decision that comes in for the Cardinals is the fact that both Von Miller and LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson are both available. Both would be spectacular additions to the team.

In terms of talent, Peterson seems to have a slight edge, as he is rated by some as the best prospect in the entire draft class. In terms of need, as the mock draft puts it, Miller "is a perfect fit for the Cardinals." For that reason, the Cards take him in that scenario.

It is a bit tragic for the Cardinals in one sense. Peterson falls to our most hated team -- the San Francisco 49ers. So not only does the team miss out on him, it will have to face him twice a year. Too bad the team could not do a two-for-one pick.

Around the NFC West, the Seahawks get to keep quarterback Jake Locker in the state. they take him at number 25. In St. Louis, they lose out on both of the elite receivers of the draft (A.J. Green and Julio Jones) and go for help on defense. They select DE Aldon Smith out of Missouri. That seems fine enough. They already have their franchise guy.

Personally I am torn between the two picks. I love Von Miller, but Peterson could be even better. If you put a gun to my head and I had to make a choice, I would probably go with what the Cards are projected to do and take the pass rushing stud.