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Lockout Avoided (For 24 Hours)! NFL And NFLPA Agree To Extend CBA

With a work stoppage looming, as the current NFL CBA was set to expire tonight at midnight, some progress was made in negotiations. There is no deal in place, but the two sides agreed to extend the current CBA for one day. This doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of actually getting a deal in place, but it does mean a couple of things. It does not begin a new free agency period; it only extends the current NFL year for an additional day. 

What is hoped will happen is that there is progress in talks on Friday that would warrant an agreement to extend another day, two days or even longer. Even better would be a deal in place, but that would be a bit too far on the optimistic side.

What does this mean for the Cardinals? There are two main positives.

The first thing that this allows the Cardinals to do is to continue another day in negotiations with Larry Fitzgerald. Since the CBA is extended, that means the time the teams have to negotiate new deals with their current players is also extended. Does this mean that Fitz will be extended? I don't think it will happen at all before the team addresses their quarterback situation and or before he can see how the team is addressing other needs. 

The other thing that it allows the Cardinals to do is give them another day to sign players who have been released by their teams. Thus far, there has been no indication that there is interest in any such players, but the possibility is there. 

So, in the meantime, the drama (or non-drama) is prolonged just a bit more.