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NFL Team Destruction/Construction, Day 22: Broncos Under Attack, Packers Saved

Two Packers supporters added a little bit of life to the Green Bay franchise, Otherwise they would have been eliminated. The Broncos also took some hits. Otherwise, there was a lot of support happening, as there were 15 building actions used yesterday.

Two teams should go today. No one wiped a team out, so no extra action for today.

Each day, you have two actions. You can destroy or build. In the comments, simply write your actions:

  • Destroy (team name of your choice), Build (team name of your choice)
  • Double destroy (team name of your choice)
  • Double build (team name of your choice)

Each "destroy" subtracts a point from the team. Each "build" adds a point to the team's total. Once a team reaches zero points, it is eliminated from the game and the next day with the game update, it will receive a brief eulogy.

The player whose "destroy" is the eliminating move will get a congratulations and a mention in the update and an additional action for the next day, giving him/her three actions for a day.

The teams currently stand as such (in parentheses are the actions from the previous day):

Atlanta Falcons 21 (-4)
Baltimore Ravens 37 (-4, +4)
Buffalo Bills 42 (+2)
Carolina Panthers 29
Chicago Bears ELIMINATED #13
Cincinnati Bengals 32
Cleveland Browns 37
Dallas Cowboys ELIMINATED #3
Denver Broncos 6 (-12)
Detroit Lions 35
Green Bay Packers 3 (-10, +4)
Houston Texans 33
Indianapolis Colts ELIMINATED #8
Jacksonville Jaguars 38
Kansas City Chiefs 28
Miami Dolphins 38 (+3)
Minnesota Vikings ELIMINATED #11
New England Patriots ELIMINATED #6
New Orleans Saints ELIMINATED #14
New York Giants ELIMINATED #15
New York Jets ELIMINATED #7
Oakland Raiders ELIMINATED #5
Philadelphia Eagles ELIMINATED #9
Pittsburgh Steelers ELIMINATED #2
San Diego Chargers ELIMINATED #16
San Francisco 49ers ELIMINATED #1
Seattle Seahawks ELIMINATED #4
St. Louis Rams ELIMINATED #10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 (+2)
Tennessee Titans 20
Washington Redskins ELIMINATED #12