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Larry Fitzgerald Talks About Quarterbacks, Lockout At ESPN The Weekend

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Larry Fitzgerald was making the radio rounds in Florida as he was present for 'ESPN the Weekend' in Orlando. He was a guest on "Mike and Mike in the Morning" and on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd. Since he is a star, there were obligatory questions about the looming NFL work stoppage. Also as would be expected, the Cardinals quarterback situation was brought up.

What you will notice, as always, is how he is so much different than other elite receivers. He does not make demands, but he makes it very clear that there really is nothing more he wants to do than win.

When asked about the possible lockout, he already has plans of working out with his teammates on offense. His take:

"We know the offense, we know our system, so we can run it together. Just like we are out there running seven-on-seven without the coaches. We know the plays. We know the calls."

Sounds like a player who isn't going to sit tight and wait for football to happen. 

Fitz was very diplomatic about the quarterback situation. He brushed off questions dealing with whether the team sought his opinion on a quarterback. He was very clear when describing the need of a quality signal caller. When Kurt Warner was brought up, he said:

"He was the most important person on the team. You can’t drive a car without a steering wheel."

Here is what he said about the decision to go the veteran route or to draft a quarterback:

"You can see it on both sides. You see veteran guys having success, and then you see the Matt Ryans and guys like that who come right in, Mark Sanchez, guys who can do it. I’m just about winning. We want to have success, and I know my coaches and teammates feel the same way. Whatever the way it is, I am for it."

So, basically he is saying that he's on board for the way that works. Outside of that, he's not that much in the way of help. It would seem that he honestly does not care who is quarterback is, as long as the team can win with that guy leading the team.

That's Fitz in a nutshell. He's not going to say anything outlandish, he wants to win and he's going to do the extra work, even in a work stoppage, to try and improve.