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2011 NFL Draft: Are There Any Wildcats Or Sun Devils The Cardinals Could Draft?

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With little else to discuss other than the labor uncertainty and the draft, let's go for the NFL Draft. After all, with the CBA, all we have to hope is that today the two sides agree to extend talks and the current CBA a little while longer to avoid an actual work stoppage. Unfortunately, word got out that even with the extension of the CBA, there are to be no more player moves, whether re-signing a current player or signing a player that has been released by another team.

So given this, the only left to really discuss are the prospects in the 2011 draft class. Over on the regional SB Nation Arizona page, they recently compiled the list and projections for what round the players from ASU and U of A who are in this year's draft class. The question is, though, are there any of the former Wildcats and Sun Devils that you would like to see donning a bird on his helmet this fall?

From Arizona State, we have kicker Thomas Weber, punter Trevor Hankins, linebacker Gerald Munns, defensive linemen Saia Falahola and Lawrence Guy and receiver Kerry Taylor.

From University of Arizona, there is the defensive line trio of Brooks Reed, D'Andre Reed and Rick Elmore, offensive linemen Adam Grant and Colin Baxter, running back Nicolas Grigsby, receiver Delashaun Dean and punter Keenyn Crier.

Of the Sun Devils, I would not mind Trevor Hankins punting here or Guy adding defensive tackle depth. Munns is a very heady player, but I think he lacks the speed for the pro game.

Of the Wildcats, I have seen Brooks Reed projected to be selected by the Cardinals in the second round. He could help. Other than that, I am loath to having to root for former Wildcats. It goes against my nature.

No poll this time -- too many options. Just comment and say who and maybe an explanation why.