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2010 Arizona Cardinals: When Did Hope Disappear For You?

The 2010 season was an awful one for the Arizona Cardinals. 5-11 is not acceptable, especially when the team is repeat division champ. However, with how bad the NFC West was, the bad Arizona Cardinals were in contention for much of the season. One thing that had changed for the fans were the expectations. After some ugly early losses, people fully expected the team to rebound, especially after how they were able to turn things around in 2008 and roll into the Super Bowl.

However, as the season wore on, it became painstakingly more clear that there was no hope. It just took fans different amounts of time. Yet, even still, when the Cardinals were at the midpoint of the season, they still looked like they would be the favorites to come out of the division as champs.

My question for you is: At what point did you realize that this year just wasn't the year?

In the article linked before the jump, what I wrote for the regional SB Nation Arizona page after eight games of the season was all predicated on the Cardinals beating the Seattle Seahawks at home in game number nine.

When they came out and took a dump out on the field, losing to the eventual division champ Seahawks 36-18, that is when I knew that the Cardinals were done.

Now I claim to be an optimistic fan. If there is a glimmer of hope, I usually will go with it until the light is gone. But when they lost to Seattle, it was then that I knew my cheering would be in vain. Did I stop cheering? No. But I knew that the playoffs just were not going to happen.

Let the community know at what point you gave up on the season.