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What Kind Of NFL Fan Are You?

At a sports conference recently, the Dallas Cowboys' COO spoke up and pointed out how only three percent of all NFL fans have ever attended a game. This is an interesting thing to think about because of the way the league has continued to grow and market itself.

Games are sold out weekly and interest, even now with the lockout looming people are talking about football. There are NFL fans everywhere in the country. That is strange to think, but think about it. Here in Phoenix we have an NHL team but hardly anyone pays attention and even less go to the actual games.

The comments made by this COO were seemingly not a knock on fans, but rather a compliment on how well the league is growing its brand.

I, on the other hand, choose to take it a different way and find about the type of fan you are based on game attendance.

As for me, I will confess. I have only ever been gone to two Cardinals games in person. Why is this? For one, my faith is such that I do not go to sporting events on Sunday. I did attend one in Sun Devil Stadium, but it was because the ASU Sun Devil Marching Band I was in performed at a Cardinals game years ago.

The other game? It was a home preseason game.

Does this make me less of a fan? I don't think so.

However, I would like to know how many of you fall into the 97 percent, never having attended an NFL game live.