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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Latest Projections See Cam Newton At Top

SB Nation released its latest draft projections and what was once a draft about defense is now buzzing with quarterbacks. Two quarterbacks (Can Newton from Auburn and Blaine Gabbert from Missouri) are selected in the first four picks, and a third (Washington's Jake Locker) by pick number 15. The surprise is Cam Newton

Supposedly, Newton's stock was mixed after his combine performance. He was off the charts with his tangibles (40 time, vertical leap, etc), but was shaky in his throwing drill and raised eyebrows with third person self-references and talk of being an icon and an entertainer. Apparently, the Carolina Panthers do not care, as they are projected to make him the number one pick overall.

Blaine Gabbert goes to the Cincinnati Bengals at number four and Jake Locker to the Miami Dolphins at number 15. 

And what about our beloved Cardinals?

Once again, the Cards are projected to select Von Miller, the coveted pass rusher from Texas A&M. With both Newton and Gabbert gone, the temptation to go for a potential franchise QB is gone. LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson is also gone, as he is projected to go number two overall to the Denver Broncos. (Imagine that secondary in Denver -- Champ Bailey and Peterson opposite one another. That will be a huge help to the previously porous Denver D that managed to give up 43 points to an anemic Cardinals offense in 2010.)

Something interesting is how Robert Quinn, who many here at RotB should be the Cards' pick at number five, does not get selected until the Minnesota Vikings pick him up at number 12. 

What about receivers AJ Green and Julio Jones, players who I have previously said would be very intriguing and productive picks for Arizona? Both will be tormenting the Cardinals secondary. Green goes to the 49ers at number seven and Jones to the Rams at number 14.

Obviously, there will be no way for the Cardinals to know if both of those receivers will end in the NFC West, but as much as we like (most of us) Von Miller, Nebraska corner Prince Amukamara might be a wise selection, as Patrick Peterson will be gone by the time the Cardinals pick.

Does the possibility of having two potentially elite receivers going within the division change anything? Do you still like a pass rusher, or should the Cardinals look at the defensive secondary? 

Let's continue the conversation...