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2011 NFL Draft: Ken Whisenhunt At Cam Newton's Pro Day Means...

Tuesday was Auburn's Pro Day, and as such it was time for quarterback Cam Newton to show off what he's got. In what was somewhat of a surprise, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was present himself at the Pro Day. He could have been in Arkansas for their pro day to see their quarterback, Ryan Mallett, but chose instead to watch Newton.

In his workout, Newton completed 50 of 60 throws. There were mixed results. He threw it better than at the combine, but he overthrew a few throws, a la Derek Anderson (several yards too long on a deep pass or having the ball sail too high).

Whisenhunt, after seeing the workout, then put had him run a few extra drills, having him go from under center and make specific throws. Of all the coaches, Whiz was the only one to go up and shake Newton's hand after the drills, telling him, "Good job."

What are we to make of this? Sure, due to the lack of a CBA means that he has more time to go and see with his own eyes the players he may draft. But he had Newton do a separate set of drills for him and was the only one to go up to him and greet him.

By now, Whisenhunt has me fooled. I am sure his interest is piqued because of the raw physical talent that Newton has and he feels that he could harness that and turn him into a great quarterback. Maybe he was bored and had nothing better to do. Maybe he wants to play games and make people think that the Cardinals are interested.

Who knows?

Newton may not even be available to draft by the time the Cardinals make their selection at number five. I myself at one time felt that Newton would be at minimum a very intriguing pick for the Cardinals.

I could be wrong, but I have never felt until today that Arizona would actually draft Cam Newton, but now I could see it possibly happening.

Here's where you come in...most of us have strong opinions for or against Newton. Tell us what you think. A FanPost might be just the place. Put together your thoughts well enough and you might just find it on the front page.