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2011 NFL Draft: Deciphering Ken Whisenhunt's Quarterback Comments

Recently on Bickley and MJ on Xtra 910, Ken Whisenhunt was discussing the draft and quarterbacks specifically with the hosts. One of his comments has been shared in local and national media, on how, regarding quarterbacks, specifically Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton, "there is nobody that really stands out like Sam Bradford did last year."

What exactly does he mean and does that reveal anything about how the Cardinals might go with the fifth pick?

It can mean any number of things. I caught Brian Billick (former coach who has a championship ring) on NFL Network commenting on Whiz' comments, sharing his knowledge of coach language. As we know, Whisenhunt likes to keep things pretty close to the vest.

Billick said that particular comment could mean:

  1. If neither quarterback is available at number five, it is OK. 
  2. If one is available at number five and the Cardinals don't draft him, it is OK.
  3. If the Cardinals draft one, it is OK. We will be patient and he probably will not be expected to play this year.
So essentially he is saying nothing at all. However, one comment later in the interview did reveal a little more. "We need somebody at that spot [fifth overall] that is going to have an impact for us this year, that can make some of those plays," Whisenhunt said.

Based on those words, it seems a little less likely that if either Gabbert or Newton are on the board that the Cardinals will make one of them their selection. At the same time, if other higher rated players are gone and Newton or Gabbert are graded on the Cardinals' board higher than other guys, expect to see either quarterback here in the fall.

Whiz himself said the team will be doing the hardest work now in the final month, both "discussing and arguing," eventually coming to a consensus. 

In the end, as it usually is with the head coach, we don't really know anything more than before.