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ROTB Exclusive Interview: Kurt Warner Makes Huge Announcement

The fans have been clamoring for it for over a year. The 2010 season was a disaster because of it, but now we have great news. ROTB was able to speak to Kurt Warner about his retirement, dancing on TV and his sore knees. He also made an unexpected announcement -- that his plan was to return to the Cardinals in 2011 to fix the quarterback situation and allow a year of development for either John Skelton or the rookie the teams drafts later this month.

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When I sat down with Warner, he looked a little uneasy and unhappy. I asked him why.

ROTB: What's new? You look a little off today. Why is that?

KW: Well, things are going great, but something has been bothering me a bit.

ROTB: What is it?

KW: I have been enjoying the time off with my family for the last year. TV work is fun and fairly easy, the charity work has been meaningful and even the work on Dancing With the Stars was great.

ROTB: About the show, how are the knees holding up?

KW: I go in for rehab during the week and the other guys around who are or were athletes just laugh. They don't believe that ballroom dancing could do that. The knees are just sore -- likely a combination of years in the NFL and then the dancing.

ROTB: So retirement is everything you wanted it to be?.

KW: Yes and no. I miss my team and the competition. I don't miss the hits. That hit I took against the Saints in the playoffs was why I stayed away. But I have kept in contact with the team. In fact, Coach Whiz has been talking to me lately. I think it is all right because I am no longer a player. He asked me for my thoughts on what the team could do for the quarterback position next year.

ROTB: What did you say? Did he try to convince you to come back? You have had a year to heal, much like Marc Bulger has. You are obviously a better option than he is, although you have said he would be a great fit.

KW: Yeah, Whiz keeps getting on me about retiring. In fact, I do feel a lot better. That's what is bothering me. I know there is the lockout and all, but...oh, heck. I'll just say it now. I have thought it through. If there is a season this year, I'm coming back. I let the team down by retiring before. They're either going to draft a rookie and the kid Skelton still needs some seasoning. I'm doing one more year. I'll try to get us back to the playoffs and give Whiz and Miller and all those guys a chance to teach the young guys what they need to know for 2012.

ROTB: That's out of left field. (I was shocked). When did you decide this? No one has heard anything like this.

KW: Last week. I had to talk to Brenda about it and the kids. They support me.

ROTB: So I guess now you won't be able to talk to the coaches with the announcement. Lockout stuff.

KW: You're right. I thought about waiting to announce it so I could work with the coaches more. But it's the right time.


So, community. There you have it. Now we just need to get the lockout done and over with to make it happen. If you want to hear my actual reaction and how he said it, check out the interview audio and video. You won't believe it.


In case you still haven't gotten it, no it is not real. It is, after all, April Fool's Day.