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Tweet, Tweet: The Best Of The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (4/10)

The past three Sundays we have shared what I believe to be the best tweets by the Arizona Cardinals players over the course of the week. This past week there were more than normal. Don't forget that along the sidebar of the front page you can see the feed I have set up that includes all the players confirmed to be on Twitter. We have a new addition to the feed -- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (@Shotime29).

After the jump, look at the good tweets from our team. Vote for your favorite and explain why.

Reagan Maui'a (@Reagan_Mauia) responding to Steve Breaston's (@sbreaston15) declaration of his having gained a few pounds and going to have to change positions:

Lol, I'll blk 4 u bruh RT @SBreaston15: Im movn to h-back RT @Reagan_Mauia45: RT @SBreaston15:Weighed in at 193, haven't been this weight since my rookie year~ is that good or bad?

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) who is a regular here, jokes around, making fun of those who seek retweets from celebrities and athletes. Here he tweets Larry Fitzgerald (@LarryFitzgerald)

@LarryFitzgerald I'm your biggest fan can u please RT this thanks and I think ur awesome!

Safety and special teams player Hamza Abdullah (@HamzaAbdullah21) on how Patriots running back Danny Woodhead (who is white) is getting a lot of press:

They need to stop giving Danny Woodhead so much press because now people are going to think they can play in the NFL. #YouCant... #HeIsGood

A second @ddockett tweet, giving us as Cards fans hope for his dominance this season:

I refuse to be out worked today! I will be the best. DT this year cuz i said so! I got that type of chip on my shoulder!

In a more touching tweet, kicker Jay Feely (@jayfeely) comments on Stephen Williams' (@SteveWill_14) observation about women:

Sounds like my wife RT @SteveWill_14 Its hard not to fall for Amazing woman who's beauty grab your attention but her HEART captures ur soul

A second @HamzaAbdullah21 tweet, this time commenting on the media covering the Master's

Who is that reporter, at the masters, asking the same question to everyone who steps to the podium? #FlipYourNotepad

A third Dockett tweet -- he gives his thoughts on Von Miller after Adam Schefter tweets that Von Miller should be on the Broncos' radar at number two in the NFL Draft:

RT @AdamSchefter: And I should have included LB Von Miller on Denver's list of candidates at No. 2.----- he's gonna be a CARDINAL! #fact