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Seeking Cardinals Representatives For MockThree Twitter Draft

Can you just not get enough of mocking the draft? Are you a closet GM wishing for your first break? Well, there may be an opportunity for you. I was asked if I would like to represent the Cardinals, but due to the nature of my full-time job being a little restrictive as to communicating promptly through social media, I had to decline. Check after the jump for details!

This is the email I got with the details:

We would like to know if you would have any interest in representing the Cardinals in MockThree, a Twitter-based mock draft including trades and draft grades. We've successfully completed MockOne, though it was a little hairy; there were some crazy trades, the clock was too long, and it took forever. We took what we learned and have been trying to better sort out how to run a Twitter-based mock draft.

For MockThree we're planning on utilizing "war rooms"; that is, one head GM and one or two assistant GMs (preferably two so majority rule can be used if necessary). We would have the GMs come up with a tiered "big board" before the draft starts and provide a copy to the person appointed as the third-party mediator (hasn't been chosen yet). During the draft, teams would get three hours to make their selection while on the clock, so trades would likely need to be worked out ahead of time. Picks are posted on Twitter using the #MockThree and #Mock3Pick hashtags so picks can be found easily and they show up in the MockThree stream.

It seems relatively complex, but it shouldn't be that difficult. I participated in MockOne as the Jaguars GM and ended up making a few too many trades; in hindsight I'd have made a few more picks. The best part about this is that the draft will be graded by "experts". MockOne is currently being graded by Evan Silva of RotoWorld and Aaron Aloysius of Empulse, the guy who started MockOne, is going to find graders for this mock as well. Overall it's a cool way to take part in a mock for your team while also having the ability to "play GM". It takes a decent amount of attention, though, as people may email or DM for trades fairly often.

I had a great time with MockOne, but some of the people were nowhere to be found during their time frame for making a pick, causing the whole thing to be held up for hours and hours. This one will have more strict time limits, and the point of the big board is so the mediator can make a pick for the team if no team representatives are available during their time on the clock.

If you are interested in doing this, send me an email. I will put you in contact with the guy in charge.