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NFL Team Destruction/Construction, Day 36: Bucs, Browns, Chiefs Are New Targets

We are moving into the likely last several days with seven teams remaining. Obviously now the actions are more condensed as there are less teams to act upon. The Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are within elimination range.

It doesn't matter your reason, just as long you think you might have one. Act wisely!

Each day, you have two actions. You can destroy or build. In the comments, simply write your actions:

  • Destroy (team name of your choice), Build (team name of your choice)
  • Double destroy (team name of your choice)
  • Double build (team name of your choice)

Each "destroy" subtracts a point from the team. Each "build" adds a point to the team's total. Once a team reaches zero points, it is eliminated from the game and the next day with the game update, it will receive a brief eulogy.

The player whose "destroy" is the eliminating move will get a congratulations and a mention in the update and an additional action for the next day, giving him/her three actions for a day.

The teams currently stand as such (in parentheses are the actions from the previous day):

Atlanta Falcons ELIMINATED #20
Baltimore Ravens ELIMINATED #21
Buffalo Bills 33 (-2)
Carolina Panthers ELIMINATED #24
Chicago Bears ELIMINATED #13
Cincinnati Bengals ELIMINATED #22
Cleveland Browns 12 (-13)
Dallas Cowboys ELIMINATED #3
Denver Broncos ELIMINATED #18
Detroit Lions 32
Green Bay Packers ELIMINATED #17
Houston Texans 29 (-4)
Indianapolis Colts ELIMINATED #8
Jacksonville Jaguars 34
Kansas City Chiefs 31 (-5)
Miami Dolphins ELIMINATED #23
Minnesota Vikings ELIMINATED #11
New England Patriots ELIMINATED #6
New Orleans Saints ELIMINATED #14
New York Giants ELIMINATED #15
New York Jets ELIMINATED #7
Oakland Raiders ELIMINATED #5
Philadelphia Eagles ELIMINATED #9
Pittsburgh Steelers ELIMINATED #2
San Diego Chargers ELIMINATED #16
San Francisco 49ers ELIMINATED #1
Seattle Seahawks ELIMINATED #4
St. Louis Rams ELIMINATED #10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15 (-8)
Tennessee Titans ELIMINATED #19
Washington Redskins ELIMINATED #12