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4-16-11: Bird Droppings - Gabbert, Fitz's Commitment, Safe Drafts

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Here are a couple of links for this weekend, including one from the Republic where one of their writers says the Cardinals should draft Gabbert, along with one saying that Fitz showed his commitment to the team by organizing the workouts at ASU.

Also, if anyone here was at Pats Run today, feel free to say what it was like here. I didn't go, but I'm thinking about doing it next year.

Arizona Cardinals should draft quarterback Blaine Gabbert
It's the time of year when you don't believe a word out of an NFL executive's mouth. We want a quarterback. We don't want a quarterback. We will trade down. We won't trade down. It's football's version of the bait and switch. Tease teams into thinking one thing and then draft a completely different player. I can't read the Cardinals' puh-puh-puh-poker face but I do know if the opportunity presents itself, Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert should be their man at No. 5 when the draft begins April 28. - Fitzgerald shows commitment to Cardinals
Our Cardinals sources have been telling us for a long time just how tough it often is to get an accurate read on star WR Larry Fitzgerald. But there was certainly no denying Fitzgerald’s intentions earlier this week, when he cemented his commitment to the Cardinals entering the final year of his hefty contract by taking it upon himself to get on the phone with a host of teammates and organize voluntary team workouts at Arizona State's practice field. Fitzgerald also arranged to fly in recently retired WR coach Jerry Sullivan — a big favorite of former teammate Anquan Boldin whom Fitzgerald had never worked with before — to help out at the sessions, which we hear are expected to continue 3-4 days a week for the next week or two.

Word From the Birds Blog - Playing it "safe"
The talk about grabbing a "safe" pick high in the draft has been used for a long time now. As I have responded to a few people in blog post comments over the past month or so, there really isn’t such a thing as a "safe" pick. Now ESPN’s John Clayton has written a really good column on the subject, and the reality of going "safe."

Word From the Birds Blog - For Tillman, out there doing
The last person I’d ever connect to a corporation’s slogan is Pat Tillman. But knowing what I know/knew about Pat, and while out taking part in the annual Pat’s Run this morning, it was hard not to think "Just Do It."

Mailbag: Bradford, Mallett, RB options - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Alexander from Flagstaff, Ariz., sees why drafting pass-rusher Von Miller would make sense for the Cardinals, but he thinks drafting receiver A.J. Green and acquiring a quarterback such as Kevin Kolb would invigorate fans while giving the franchise a needed spark. He thinks the defense will improve with Darnell Dockett and Adrian Wilson getting healthy. However, with Larry Fitzgerald headed toward free agency, receiver might be the way to go.

Arizona Diamondbacks baffled by Matt Cain, drop series opener to San Francisco Giants
The pitches didn't fly by at an alarming speed. They just dipped, slowed and baffled. The Arizona Diamondbacks didn't seem like they could figure out Giants starter Matt Cain at Chase Field Friday night in a 5-2 loss in the first game of the series.